Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tuscany - The First Day

Boy did we pack some stuff in today!
We decided to explore the coast of Tuscany.
"W" drove like Mario Andretti.  Seriously, we rented a car (a cool little Peugeot wagon) to tool around.
In perfect "W" style he succumbed to the ways of the Italians in his driving skills.  He has really done great at tailgating, driving WAAAAAAy over the speed limits and ignoring the signs.  BUT he has gotten us where we need to go, and I'm so proud of him!  I think we all decided that none of us could have done what he has. Tim has handled the Tom Tom great (even though all of have had a few choice words for her.  Does everyone do that?????
The coast of Tuscany is very similar to driving down Big Sur in California.  Many parts remind me so much of Carmel, Monterey and all the little towns that are in that area.  Though I have to admit, I think California is much prettier. (Did I really say that?)  yep, I really do.  But I took loads of pics and we are having a blast!
So, sit back and take a looksie!
a Tuscany sunset

not really sure how many of these we've visited but I'm gonna guess about 8 so far.......

to indulge in this...

This is the town where we are staying.  A quaint little town called Manciano

just a pic 

starting our coastal tour

tourist pic one

tourist pic 2 (W was representing Samford football)

This was just breathtaking!

then we found this little treasure.  A hotel named Hotel Torre Di Cala Piccola.
If my bags had been with me, my sorry butt would be there RIGHT now!

the flowers were so beautiful!

where we ate lunch.  OH, and they even spoke a little English!!!

W and Tim got crazy

tourist pic 3

tourist pic 4

and had even more vino

This is called Orbetello

Then we made our way up to a vineyard called La Parinna
they had everything, fresh fruits, cheese made right there, Oh IWASINHEAVEN

THOSE were all parts of La Parinna winery



go.  This was Patrick, our wine steward.

oh yummmmmmmmmmers, this was divine!!!!

and so was  this

we learned something new. When you swish your red, (this was a blend of 10% sangiovese, 10% merlot and 40% cabernet.  Anyway, a good wine alway "tears" after swishing.  Can you see the tears?

Just for my reference another red.

and another

and another.  We all agreed this was our favorite.  100% Merlot.  Oh boy was it good!

it cried many tears!

on to dinner.  okay, W orders a steak.  He totally messed up the size and the price.  It was the biggest steak I've ever seen and a whopping 150.00.....
I see some Italian jewelry in my future!

tourist photo #5

The most beautiful place I've ever been in my life Pitiglianno.
It sits way up on a cliff.  We are going to go back there today for a little while.
In the meantime, today? After a VERY strong cappachino, and breakfast, we are heading to Saturnia.
The most beautiful waterfalls and hot springs in the world (what we've been told)
Hope your day goes wonderful!


  1. Mona McGowan BurrellAugust 21, 2011 at 7:17 AM

    O M G -- I'm dying a little right now. Can we trade places?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I am smiling reading every word ... feeling so happy for you. Enjoy! xo E.