Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Wonderful Day....and Night!!!

So I got to Atlanta yesterday morning to play some awesome tennis!  It was SO much fun and again got to see friends I haven't seen in a while!  (Barb, you played amazing btw).
I hydrated like crazy and had no problems at all with the heat thank goodness.
Then, I got in the car and the phone rings.
It's "W".
He say's be at the St. Regis at 3:30 you've got a massage and facial scheduled.
How fun is that?
And by the way, if you ever get a massage at the St. Regis in Atlanta asked for Theo.
Really the best massage I've EVER had.
Then we stayed there for the night with dinner at Chops. Yummy.
Right now I'm lying in bed watching TV waiting for room service.
Itching for my coffee.
I need it NOW!!!
okay, I'm back!  Gobbled up every bite!
So when I got to the room yesterday, this was awaiting me.

 okay, "W" and I have this debate.  I can't STAND tan lines. Like the ones I'm showing in this pic.
HE said men love them! What's up with that?  Agree or Disagree?
Anyway, off to Chops!
Here's to another 31 years!!! Thank you honey!  It was a wonderful night!
Have a great day y'all!

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