Friday, July 6, 2012

I Have a Little Problem...

I really, really LOVE to gamble.
It's not like a 3 step problem or anything
but it's something "W" and I really like to do together.
I usually win, then, loose it all and he usually is more conservative and wins not much but enough to have fun at it.  So, of course, when I'm out of money I go crawling over to his table with my head held very low and put my hand out.  Begger.
So, the closest place to Atlanta to gamble is Harrah's Cherokee.
Aside from a really bad case of intake of smoke, it's really pretty nice.
I'm a little miffed that the room is 199.00 a night and they only gave us 3 pillows.
Seriously?  Did they think 3 people were sleeping in the bed?
Oh, and they don't provide blowdryers, just FYI.
We DID have truly the best steak I've ever had at Ruth's Chris last night.
Before we hit the casino though we had to get the kiddos some souvenirs 
I was telling "W" that it's funny (sorry grown kids) that the first ones we want to buy for our our grandchildren.
Do any of you other grandparents feel that way?
SO, we had to go find some "authentic" Indian garb that the kids would love.
Just though this sign was funny.  Did you catch it?
um.....what do drugs have to do with the rest of this stuff?
Anyway, we were determined to get them EXACTLY what we wanted so we hiked through every tourist attraction Indian shoppe that was in Cherokee.  We finally found the perfect gifts!!!
Cate - a little pair of pink moccasins
Bennett - an authentic drum (sorry J)
Evey - an Indian dress.
I simply cannot wait to give it to them!!!
Okay, on to a teeny tiny better accommodations.
The Old Edwards Inn
in Highland's North Carolina for some (a lot) of golf and maybe squeeze in a spa visit!
Have a beautiful Friday y'all!

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  1. Loved Cherokee as a child! I remember going w my grandmother to stay at the Pink Motel, visit Santa Land and have my pic made w the same Indian every year- Chief Dennie Wolfe!