Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Don't Wanna go Home...........

Usually when I go somewhere, at the end of the vaca my bags are packed, I've mentally made the decision to leave-and leave early and I'm outta there.
Not this time!  W is gonna have to pull me out of here kicking and screaming!!!
Yesterday was a wonderful day of golf again!  And I had a decent score!! yippee!
Let's just say I scored almost what the temperature outside was and leave it at that.....
On to dinner!
We ate at the eversopopular Ristorante Paolettis
Sissy and Larry joined us again and we had such a wonderful time!
If you come to Highlands, do NOT miss out on this restaurant!
 although the bartender looked a little like he had had a few too many the night before, he mixed up some wonderful libations!
 Larry and Sis

 truly the best escargot that I have ever put in my mouth
 my dinner was so divine!  I can't say what it is or I will get in trouble with my animal loving friends.
Let's just say it was delicious and leave it at that......
W and Larry had this.  It was short ribs that tasted like a tender juicy steak.
W let me try his and it was amazing!
OKAY!!!  boo hoo I have to leave today!
First though, I'm either gonna go work out with W or go on a hike with Sissy and Larry.
Tomorrow I'm going to show you a few pieces of my new series of art!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. Have always wanted to go to's now a must!! Needing to see that new art series for an update - happy Monday!!