Saturday, July 21, 2012

Body Pump.....

I have thankfully and quickly recovered from my traumatic experience on the tennis court on Wed. and by Friday was completely better!
The key????
I think I drank about 10 gallons of water.  Seems I've been a little heavy on the Diet Cokes. Shame :(
Anyway, Thursday, J said "you wanna go to Body Pump class with me tomorrow?"
Of course I said yes.
Callen went with us too!
Had not a clue what I would feel like today....
Woke up and could barely walk.  I'm serious y'all.
1 hour of pumpin weights.
I did everything but the straight pushups (which btw, I've never been able to do those even as a child)
and he did some kind of jumping move that I'm still feeling guilty that I didn't do.
but I LOVED IT!!!
I'm ready to go home and join Gold's gym back home!
I think I'm staying over til Monday so I can go to a class on Sunday and Monday!
We had so much fun!!!
Packin up and movin my youngest!
Have a great Saturday y'all!

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