Friday, July 13, 2012


I am sitting here watching my normal 5:00 a.m. show Law and Order (I'm addicted)
I'm just exhausted.  Even though I got a good 9 hours sleep.
First, I think I worked out a little hard yesterday morning, and Scott's yesterday was SLAMMED!
Yippee! but again, I honestly don't know when I have been so tired and feet SO sore.
I soaked them in the bathtub THEMINUTE I came home
I WILL not be wearing my cute sandals today I can promise you that.
Oh but they are so cute!  They are white and have little tinnie tiny flowers all over them with a zipper up the back.
In all their loveliness I seriously thought about throwing them away last night.
Talked myself out of it.
Okay, back to Scotts.  Turns out the Church, Barn and House series is a big hit!  I will definitely be painting more!
I can't tell you how many old friends I saw yesterday!  It was SO much fun talking to them and catching up!
I saw people that I knew from Nashville, Birmingham, and Atlanta!
Now, I want you, my sweet blogger friends to come visit so I can see and meet your face!!!
One of the ones that "got away"!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
Scott Antiques South Building L-10
Wearing my lovely Dr. Scholls today!

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