Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary Baby.....

Got chew on my Mi-hind!!!
Today I married the most wonderful husband, father, and person in the whole world.
31 years ago.
That's a really long time.
We met when I was a college cheerleader.  I was cheering at a basketball game and we were running out on the court.  For some reason he was downstairs where we ran out and I almost knocked him over!
(I don't remember doing that)
but I believe him.
Then up in the stands he said he was watching me the whole night and told his friends he was going to marry me.  Well he did! And I'm happy he did!
31 years later we are still happily going strong.
I admire him more than anyone I know.
He is brilliant, caring, and loving.
He loves his kids and grand kids more than life itself.
I love his passion for life and work and when I'm down he sustains me.
He loves that I paint and is so supportive.  I think I've only painted a couple of things that he says "ya know?  that just doesn't look like something you painted" meaning "I don't like it"
he never tells me that he doesn't like what I cook.
I can get a little crazy sometimes! and he just puts up with it....
he LOVES surprises!
So what IS the key to a good marriage?
I would have to say
1) Unconditional love
2) Friendship
3) Support
4) Communication
5) Always tell each other that you love each other EVERY day
not necessarily in that order.
So here's to the love of my life!
Happy Anniversary honey!
I love you!
have a great day y'all!

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