Saturday, July 7, 2012

If You Get the Chance......

to come to Highlands, North Carolina, GO.  What a beautifully, quaint city with an amazing old hotel sitting right in the midst called The Old Edwards Inn.  Enter The King and Queen of England....aka W and Kendall Boggs.  We have been treated like we are.   We witnessed some of the most beautiful scenery surrounding Highlands on our way over from Cherokee.  And ya know?  I don't know what has gotten in to me, but ever since I saw that  80 yr. old woman who parachuted out of an airplane strapped to her instructor when the harness came loose and the instructor held on to her the whole way down, I have decided to just GO for stuff. Hey, if she's got the nerve to do stuff like that, so do I!  She has inspired me to let go of my inhibitions! UT OH WORLD, HERE I COME!
First, the scenery!

 about right here, I told "W" STOP THE CAR!!!  I got out of the car on the curvy road we were on and climbed under the guard rail down the slippery moss covered, copperhead invested (JK) rocks to provide you with this pic.  See what I mean??

 on to golf!

 the scenery was amazing!

 brag a-holic....this is what I shot from!
 and that's where it landed for the birdie!
 again, that's what I shot down from. (I'm only telling you this because it's so rare that this happens!)

 outside our hotel room, the flowers are so beautiful!  They are dying from heat in Georgia

 on to dinner!
 we met up with our wonderful friends Sissy and Larry Long and went to truly one of the best restaurants I have ever been.  It's called the Canyon Kitchen in Cashiers, NC.  What sold me on this was that the chef from Blackberry Farms is now the chef here.  If you've ever been to Blackberry Farms, you know that the food there is spectacular.  I (we) really thought this restaurant, the ambiance, and just everything about it was better than the French Laundry in Napa (sorry Slim Paley if you're reading)!!! (you need to come over to my part of the country!!!, xo)
 they grow all of their greens right on the premises!
 and they can their own fruits!
 Our wonderful friends who are two of the happiest people I know!!!

 wouldn't you love to have a house like this up on that mountain?
 after I had had to many a few blackberry mojitos.  YUM
 the presentation of my flank steak was spectacular.  A reduction of raspberry juices, mixed with stock and not sure what else, but I know it involved a few different types of squash.
All I know is that it was REALLY good!
Have a wonderful Saturday y'all!
back on the golf course!!!

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