Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ugly Dresses!

I woke up really, really early this morning.....I mean like 3:30.
that means that my work out will be really hard this a.m. and I'm going to be tired all day.
Dang I hate getting old!
(and I'm getting closer to being one year older btw)
Anyway, I really didn't have anything to blog about so I decided to look at dresses on the Internet.
I started at Niemans.
Seriously? What are the designers thinking this year.
OMG talk about dowdy.
I'm giving the big time designers a big time thumbs down!
(except my friend Wes Gordon)
who, btw is in the window at Bergdorfs NYC right now!
Go Wes!  We are SO proud of you!!!!
Anyway, thought I'd show you a few of the hideous dresses I found this morning.
 Marilyn Monroe would love a gust of wind in this dress....
 talk about matronly
 I mean seriously? Could your butt look any bigger in this?
 okee dokey
I think this dress was like 1,000.00.  I think I saw one just like it at Good Will.
Okay, enough of being mean.
I did find some really cute dresses along with the ugly ones!
So on to (what I think) are cute!
 this is so me.

 and so is this.

 I absolutely adore this dress (hint hint)

Couldn't find the exact dress I'm wearing for the "Wedding of the Year" today but it's a little like this!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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