Friday, July 20, 2012

Matchmaker, Matchmaker.....

Make me a Match!!!
I woke up this morning again thinking about my friend Becky.  She passed away about 4 1/2 yrs. ago.
She was my best friend all through elementary school and high school.  We got married 3 weeks apart and had our first child 3 weeks apart.  You couldn't pry us apart! I loved her more than anything.  I still think about her seriously every day and that ache in my heart will never go away.  Especially right now.  Her youngest "Kendall" is getting married next weekend!  And she is marrying exactly who Becky wanted her to marry! I have also been thinking about her because my oldest daughter experienced loosing a friend's mom way too early this week.
Of Cancer.
It's the first parent to die out of her group of friends from High School.
We are not getting any younger for you kids who think their parents are gonna live forever.
I actually had a very bad scare this week on the tennis court.  I have played tennis since I was 12 years old and have NEVER had to leave the court.  I honestly think I was one game away from being taken to the emergency room from a Heat Stroke. Seeing stars, very chilled, heart racing. Very scary.
Anyway.....early morning rambling....
What the heck does all of this have to do with being a match maker????
Well.  Becky's husband Ken is was a world class catch.  Awesome, awesome guy.  Enter my friend Konie who lost her husband 6 yrs. ago to non smoking lung cancer. Also Is was a world class catch.
Both have 4 kids.  Both took every ounce of energy they had to take care of their ailing partners. All eight kids are amazingly brilliant.
The catch?
Getting them together!
Ken lives in Dothan and Konie lived in Birmingham
So, I told Ken about Konie and I called Konie and told her about Ken.  It was a hard sell for Konie because she wasn't quite ready to get into the dating scene.
So, I strategically would send e-mails out to a lot of people and put their e-mail addresses right next to one another.  One of them figured it out and they started e-mailing each other!
Then when Jordan had Evelyn, Konie came to see her and miraculously Ken came to see her at the same time!!!!! I will never forget Ken praying over Evey with all of us holding hands. There was such electricity going through all of our hands!
What a beautiful, special moment that was.
They had finally met!
that did it!  Ken wasn't quite ready for the dating scene but they started dating about 6 months later and now they are husband and wife!!! AND make a wonderful team taking care of 8 kids (all grown) but the grandbabies are sprouting like weeds!!!  I love them both so much and admire them like I have never admired anyone!  They are both so beautiful inside and out.
the happy Bride with her namesake

so looking forward to this oh so happy event!
Have a great day y'all!

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