Saturday, March 9, 2013

More Fun at Scotts!

So, I've decided what to do when I'm bored at Scotts!
(which lately is pretty often)
Ya know, I do great there.  I sell anywhere from 5 - 10 paintings a month.
and that is with them putting me back in what I call "The Artist Cave"
We artist are tucked back in an area that no one knows is there.
We can't complain enough!
So, I just wonder how much I would sell if I was in a better spot?
Don't get me started.
I mean there can be 1000s of shoppers in the building and maybe 2 back in the Artist Cave.
So.  Every month a new artist will show up in our "Artist Cave"
We oldtimers laugh because seriously y'all, doing Scotts for 4 days is not for the faint of heart.
It's just downright exhausting.
We see them come an go every month.
Another one bites the dust.

Anyway, a new artist is right next to me this month.
I introduced myself and told her how much I liked her work.
She in turn came over and told me mine was "cute".
Acrylic painters almost always get snubbed by oil painters.
Ya know, it's just another medium!
She actually did quite well yesterday selling 4 to my 2.
And I will admit she's talented.
Still.  cute?
That's the equivalent of un-talented, easy on and so forth.
come on.
Last night I was telling "W" about this lady next to me and how I felt "snubbed".

Anyway, I got on my computer and I was reading Huffington Post.
The first article that popped up was an article about George W. Bush and his paintings of his dogs.
That artist next to me!
She's W's art instructor!!!
I won't say what I thought of "W"s talent.  Let's just say I'm glad he's following a dream.
Could you imagine being an ex Presidents art instructor?
I mean to have George W Bush be vulnerable in your hands?

So, back to doing stuff at Scotts.   I walked around and snapped a few more shots yesterday.
Along with a huge array of designer goods, there are also some quite interesting things.
like this....serious use of Crest white strips
and this.  wow.
 old stuff
 and new stuff.  made to look old.
 really great prices on all this wicker
 on the verge of being "over" monograms, but really loved this!

 adorbs.  this would be really cute in a kids room to put toys huh?
 MAJOR old stuff.  This was 45.00.  Snatch.

 another view of my spectacular find!!!
 and another great find!  65.00
When we're bored we try on each other's jewelry!

have a great day y'all!

Scott Antique Market
South Building


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  1. ok. so i spotted the church in the background love that one TOO !!