Monday, March 11, 2013

Prayers Please.

I debated this morning whether or not I should write this but after thinking long and hard, I decided to go ahead.  My family needs your prayers.
I was on the way to the beach yesterday and J called pretty upset.
Well, you know how I told you that her family has been like a freakin infirmary over there?
E, her hubs got the stomach bug on Thursday night.
He came home and went straight to bed.  
At that point J and kids closed the master bedroom door and left he and his sickness in there. 
J was the only one who went in there.
The sick bay.

Well, by Sunday morning, E couldn't get out of bed.
When J called me Sunday, I turned my car around and headed to B'ham.
J was headed to the ER.
Brother G came over to keep the kids until I got there.

So.  what was to be a simple visit to the ER to get what we thought he needed, fluids, turned into an overnight stay in the hospital.
Seems E has either E.coli or Salmonella poisoning.
They aren't sure.
Either way, the man is really sick.
They are doing an upper or lower GI on him today.

Please pray these specific prayers for E

1) That he will feel relief and that his fever will go away
2) That the doctors will have trained hands and be able to asertain what is going on with E
3) That J will continue with the emotional and physical strength that she has shown
4) That E will have complete healing.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!
Have a wonderful day y'all


  1. You and your family have my prayers. Never ever hesitate to ask for prayers! Father God, please put the right people in E's path to care for him and restore him to perfect health. I pray for J to feel you with her and give her the faith and strength to care for her family. Thank you for hearing the groanings of our heart even as we don't know the words to pray. Amen Keep us posted. JuJu

  2. Sending up prayer's especially for Eric in his time of need and to the whole family. Hope everyone has a speedy recovery!! xo C