Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thank You Jesus! We are out of the woods!

Well, well, well.
We have finally turned a corner with this dreaded Norovirus.
Ya'll, seriously, I've never seen anything like this.
Now we are just hoping and praying that no one else in my family gets it.
As much as I love visiting in Birmingham, this was not my idea of an enjoyable trip.

Callen and her cousin Ally ended up in the ER yesterday with dehydration.
Both got IVs.
What's different, and what you should look out for with this virus is a couple of things.
First, it comes on really really fast.
A typical stomach bug starts as a bad headache.  This just hits you WHAM before you can turn around.
It causes consistent and uncontrollable vomiting.
With a low grade fever and very painful stomach pains.
Callen literally threw up uncontrollably for 12 hours.
She had dry heaves and as much as I tried to comfort her, it was in vain.
Eric had vomiting and "the other"
Ally had a little vomiting but mostly "the other"
This illness goes on well beyond the 24 hour bug usually lasting 4 - 5 days. That's the real sign that you have Norovirus.
What to do.
First don't drink Gatorade.  Drink ginger ale.  It will sooth your stomach.
Also drink water and eat crackers if you can stomach it.
Then, the key....and I thought of this way too late.
Get your caretaker to RUN and get this.
It turned out to be a lifesaver for us.
Let's hope and pray everyone in my family and in yours does not get this nasty stuff.
It seems to be rampant in Birmingham right now.  Not sure about other areas.
Stay well you guys!!!

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  1. son is a trucker and he's sick as a dog at this very moment! Thot it might be a bad meatball sub he got at a Texas Subway yesterday!? He's guzzling Pepto-bizzmo & he Never takes I know it's bad!!! I told him to get some Imodium ASAP for the runs he's got too! Pray for my Son! He can't afford to miss work!