Saturday, March 2, 2013

"You Are My Sunshine!"

my only sunshine!
Cate turned 1 yesterday and the best laid plans, well, sometimes they have to change!
What was supposed to be a day at the park turned into a morning at...
New York Pizza!
J called at the last minute yesterday since rain and snow was forecasted to see if they would accommodate us.
They could not have been nicer and told us to come on and bring our 30 something friends!
Turned out to be a great spot for a one year old's birthday party!


 check out Gregory's reflection.

 Fun time was had by EVERYONE!!!
Happy Birthday Baby Cakes!!!


  1. That may be the cutest family ever! I'm spying your precious nephew that I think we need to set up with my precious niece in pharmacy school at Georgia!!!

  2. He is single!!! (unattached) 24 and graduated building sciences from Auburn. Now working for a builder in Auburn. He is 6'2" and a GREAT GREAT kid!!! Cannot say enough great things about him. Send info!!!! wouldn't that be fun if we could set them up!!!!