Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hey y'all!
I realize I'm posting twice in one day but what the heck.
Thursdays at Scotts have gotten notoriously slow, so I got to walk around and snap a few shots to show all of you!
So, here we go!
I had a pink "princess" phone just like that one in the middle.
plenty of my art available :)
these covered headboard were in the 500 range

tons and tons and tons of tables.  Price range?  495 - 1200

these were really spectacular.  They are old French doors with either depression glass or mirrors.  These were all sold, but the seller has 3 more sets in his storage.  700 for the pair.  (great price!)

I loved these headboards for 425.00.  Felt a little unstable, but hey you get what cha pay for right?
So beautiful for a wedding.  Could be cake stands or for appetizers etc.
Now, I really loved this furniture designer from Florida.  He designed this expandable console.
He also makes pieces with concrete tops.  Not all that crazy about his wood selections, but I'm sure he could custom make anything.  I'm thinking about having him make a concrete top for me.  I'll keep you posted on how that turns out :)

loved these wire baskets!  you could cram all your kids papers in these huh! xo
and.  I realise these are probably kind of trendy, but I really think I have to have one. 20.00
Simply gorgeous selection of pillows...and other stuff.
18th Century buffet and hutch.  2k
this bench really caught my eye.  At 375.00 it's a steal in my humble opinion
this is what I'm thinking. Get your mom's old duncan phyfe table.  You know the one she's been trying to give you for years?  Get some Annie Sloan paint and paint it like grey.  Get two of these benches in a great chevron print  (maybe orange?)  Cover the seats of two of the arm chairs that went with the dining room furniture, and there ya have it!  A great update to a stale dining room set.
more of this furniture designer.  I need to talk with him, but I think he can make you anything in any fabric and probably have it by next Scotts.  I'll check on that for you.
another great bench.  This one was 525.00 I believe.  
more industrial furniture.  I particularly liked this piece at 795.00
Tons of pelts.  The large and extra large ones are 300.00

and finally, many, many french dressers that have been refurbished.
These are in the 500 - 700 range
Come see me!!!!
Scott Antique Market - Atlanta
Thursday - Sunday

have a great day y'all!

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  1. Your artwork looks gorgeous as always. Needing a few of those pelts and love the last chest!!