Friday, March 1, 2013

Harper Schnell

My Niece!
and.  she will gladly tell you I'm her favorite aunt :) 
yesterday I came to Birmingham for Birmingham Fashion Week
which, my niece is a part of.
(I'm also here for sweet Baby Cakes 1 yr. birthday!)
At just 15 and standing 5'8" Harper exemplifies the freshest of faces with the innocence of a baby lamb.
She was chosen for the headliner designer "Jeff Garner" who's company is 
After sitting through a long line of designers which was both good but boring at times (I'm not gonna lie)
We were honored with the finale of this amazing designer!
I probably took 400 photos, so I'm not going to show you all of them.  I picked out some that I like.
Actually one of my favorite designers of the night was
really, really great looks!
But first, a few random shots (of course!)


 here comes Jeff Garner!

 we all waited in anticipation!
 there she is!!!

we are all SO proud of you Harperdoodle!!!

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  1. She looks amazing! So proud of Harper! My best friend's daughter is also in one of your photos, the first yellow and teal short dress. She was one of the high school designer's who walked in her own design!