Sunday, March 17, 2013

Such A Beautiful Wedding!!!

Remember how our niece Leslie got married down at the beach a couple of months ago?
Well....her twin sister got married yesterday in Nashville.
We (W) drove up there and back in one day.
It was such a beautiful, quaint wedding held at The Lovelace Cafe
They have a huge barn in the back and in my opinion, every wedding should be held there.
Loved it!
So, of course I was clickin away!!!!
Here we go!

 "W"s wonderful parents
 Holley and Lauren

 Patrick's father sings in a quartet.  How cool is that?

 Ya'll.  This food was SOOOOO good!

 Just thought this lil man was so cute!

 Lynn just loves little Colby!
 As you can tell

 The twins and their hubs!

 Be still my heart.

Well Larry and Leigh have married off their last one!!!
And it was just a beautiful wedding!
Hope you have a wonderful day.
I'm headed to Boca Raton.  
for a MUCH needed vaca.

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