Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Fling!

Okay, I am now going on 2 1/2 days in the bed.
I'm having a serious love/hate relationship with the cozy fixture that sits in my bedroom.
Thankfully doc called in an rx this morning and I'm thinking I'll be back at it in no time!

Poor J, Ever's got the strep, Jordan got the strep, now Bennett has the strep.
Cate has an ear infection.
When it rains, it sure does pour.

Last night I got up at  2:30.  Couldn't sleep at all.  Got on my computer and saw a message from E.
She asked me to go to the beach with her on Sunday!
i thought.
Now. My schedule for the next 3 weeks y'all is seriously crazy.
Literally in the next 3 weeks I have a handful of days free.
So, of course I said "what the heck"?  I'll go!
It will do me really good!

So, what's the problem?  Hum.  Let's see.  I have to find clothes.
Remember?  I have either thrown out or sold most of my stuff.
I do however have some of the stuff left....i guess.
my sweet housekeeper told me (after she helped find a place for all the stuff I kept),
Kendall, the only place I am going to allow you to shop is Kroger.
So, as I'm lying here healing from whatever it is I have, I've decided to do a little spring shopping.
Mostly window shopping, but there are a few items I'm debating!
First I stopped at J. Crew.
you can't have enough denim.

 then on to Niemans.  I am obsessed with these True Religion jeans
 I'll just think about this cute little DVF outfit.  Legs are too short and I'm way to fat for this....
 my shoe size has however stayed the same....
 maybe that's why I love shoes so much?


 Eileen Fisher
 again Eileen Fisher
 Garnett Hill
 love this scarf.  everyone has to have a scarf for the beach!

 Garnett Hill
Garnett Hill
 for chilly nights - Garnett Hill
 and finally, the perfect girl's trip pjs!
Garnett Hill
have a great day y'all!

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