Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful Life!

I am in Boca Raton lying in bed in a beautiful suite at the Boca Raton something or the other.
Don't even know the name of my hotel!  hehe
I think it's a Beach Club or somethin.
All I know is I'm along for the ride.
A beautiful one.
"W"has a meeting here and yes, I insisted (well actually he insisted :)  that I go with him!
a much needed break.
And while I'm at it.  The norovirus has taken two new victims.  Niece Harper and Callen's bo Houston.
Bless there sweet hearts.  GEEZ.
So, yesterday I visited the spa and complained of a major back ache....(um, could be the extra lbs. I've put on my stomach as of late.)  That's going away.
The therapist rubbed me so hard that I am bruised.  Now my back hurts worse than it did when I went!
I decided to walk around this lovely property and snap some pics.  Just beautiful!
There are sculptures everywhere, and being the art lover that I am, I absolutely love sculpture work.
Along with a few random shots!
We are having a wonderful time!

 one of the "random shots"  Serendipity.  Frozen hot chocolate.  YUM

 The boat that the dinner part was on last night

 hey there!

 my drink.....Cherry Sprite.  yum

one of my favorite friends!!!!
have a wonderful day!!!!


  1. LOVE your dress - my parents use to live there and my friends JUST moved there :o)

  2. How fun and what a beautiful hotel - you must be in heaven with all of the art around - good for inspiration!! You look fab in the pink dress!!

  3. oh we stayed there two years ago-- love love love dreaming to return.
    We had serendipity daily -- sweet pictures !