Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Welcome to the sick bay....
Another one bites the dust....
Okay, Eric may be let out of the hospital today.  They still aren't exactly sure what is going on, but we do know he does not have permanent damage like Chrone's disease or something like that.  

Callen came over last night to
1) help with the kids
2) stay away from Kim's house because Ally has the stomach bug.

So.   At 10:30 I heard that sound that everyone hates to hear

yep.  Callen has the bug.
up all night long.  Every hour.  Violently ill.
now she has a fever.


Honestly y'all I have never in my 53 years of life seen anything like this.

Some one is a carrier and we just don't know who.

We do know this.  Jordan, the kids, and myself are all on antibiotics.
And we haven't gotten the bug.

So where are we?
Last week:  Jordan, the kids and myself - strep throat
Thursday - Eric - stomach bug
Sunday night - Ally - stomach bug
Monday night - Callen - stomach bug

We have called in Eric's mom for reinforcements.

Pray for healing please!!!
Thank you!
Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. Oh man, love y'all and wish I could help again today. But I think I'm gonna stay away now. Hoping the little exposure I got yesterday doesn't get me!! So sorry! Hope it passes soon and Eric's mom doesn't get it!!

  2. So sorry your family is going through this! Prayers for you all....my advice.....get Clorox wipes and hit everything in the house. Also, be a drill sergeant about everyone washing their hands. If your weather is nice enough open up the house and get some fresh air in. I'm sounding kinda bossy but we had flu hit our family like this in Dec. and it was awful. JUJU