Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Really?  Come on and give us a break here!

Eric came home from the hospital yesterday (thank you Lord!)
He really looked pathetic.
Down at least 15 lbs. and still looked like death warmed over.
He is still horizontal but on the mend.
they have a clean house thanks to some capable house keepers and Eric's mom is taking the kids back to Hattisburg with her.
Thank goodness.
Sweet Evers fixing her daddy breakfast this morning.
Waffles, chocolate milk, cool whip and two types of ice cream....

Now I am at sister's house taking care of Callen.
Sick as a dog.
Fever, vomiting and all the other stuff that goes along with this worse than nasty stuff that has invaded my family.
It needs to go away now.
What's weird, and I'm saying this while knocking on wood, is who gets this and who doesn't!
Jordan, myself, and the kids are all on antibiotics and have not gotten any of this.
We think it's odd that we haven't gotten it.
One of Eric's doctors said that this could be a form of strep that has mutated as a stomach virus.
Another said he will be contagious for another 3 or 4 days.
Another said it's bacterial.
We've gotten all kinds of opinions here.
Callen was in Dothan this weekend with Houston and his family.
Houston's mom and brother got it as well.
And sister just heard from Ally and she is still sick with fever.
Makes me want to learn more about how the mutation of a germ works.
Jordan said the dr. said we don't even want to know.
It's just that gross.
The BIG key is to wash, wash, and wash your hands.
you cannot wash your hands enough.

Here's to wishing you a germ free day!

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  1. Unbelievable! I am shocked neither Greg or I have gotten it since we both were at the house helping at some point this week. Thank goodness though. It sounds awful! At least the kids are away for a few days. Hope everyone gets some rest and feels better soon!!