Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"A Simple Wedding Banner!" DIY

I decided to get crafty today!
I made a Wedding Banner for the happy couple!

these are easy to make but you do need to know some simple sewing techniques.

I wanted to do a "Just Married" Banner.

So, here's what cha need:

Fabric Store = 1/4" of 11 fabrics
1 yard of fusible medium weight interfacing.
some type of rope
a stencil
gold powder dust glitter.
First decide what size you want to make your triangles.
Then cut out a pattern.  Then cut your fabric based on that!  Cut each triangle on the fold

 press interfacing on to ONE part of the inside of each triangle
 fold the triangle right sides together
 leave and opening at the top for turning
 this is a turner.  Must have.
Poke the turner in to the point of the triangle and turn coming out of the opening

 turn all out and press

place in the pattern you would like

 take your stencil and adhesive spray glue.  Spray the glue on to the stencil.  then sprinkle on the glitter
Attach the flags with pins!

have a great day!!

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