Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Sweet Couple!

Well, as of today, we are 10 days away from the wedding day!

I am SO excited!
We are brushing up on last minute details!

I am so happy that my daughter has found someone as wonderful as Houston.

he fits so perfectly in our goofy family!
(grown men will do anything to entertain little kids)

This is gonna be so much fun!!!!

have a great day y'all!


  1. These images just warm my heart, and the black and white should be in a magazine!! So excited for their wedding and can hardly wait to hear and "see" every detail. Know it will be gorgeous and so fun - Enjoy!!

  2. Great pictures! I know your heart is bursting with joy! She will be a beautiful bride! Lovely family. Wishing you lots of fun on the special day. Best wishes from Texas!