Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Sweet Little Party!

Honouring the bride and groom!  (to be)
Warning!  Photo overload

 my sister TOTALLY outdid herself pulling a Martha.

The Wedding Planner...

and her hubs.

The photo bomber...

Sister came up with these wonderful drinks!  A "Crushtini"  and btw you can sip through those sour straws...brilliant!

a tower of gifts!

another groom and my sweet daddy

this couple will be tying the knot in May!

I love these two like my own!

two of my favorite people in the whole, wide world!!!

Aiden and Jena Ann

my daddy and me.

Car Dog and Ally Cat...along with another future B & G!

I love these guys!!! Some of the best kids I've ever known.

my other kids!  = more of the best kids I've ever known!

 playing the "Wedding Shoe" game via Pinterest

Our family is SO lucky to be adding such a wonderful person as Houston in to our family.
I cannot begin to tell you what a great guy he is.
Callen is a VERY lucky young lady!

What a beautiful party!!!
Thank you sister and Jordan!!!
and thank you to ALL the wonderful friends and family who came to honor Callen and Houston!

3 weeks from yesterday!!!


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  1. It is sooooo exciting and what a beautiful party. Can hardly wait to hear everything…know it will be amazing - they are precious!!