Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm "In The Pink"

I have ALWAYS loved pink.
so.  When my good friends over at Design Chic
did a pink blog the other day, I simply had to follow suite.

BTW.  When you go over and check out Design Chic, be sure to vote for them for

The Design Blog Hall of Fame!

I am SOOO proud of them!!!

Okay, back to pink.
I love pink.  Anything pink will do.
But, it has to be pale pink.  Like a ballet color.

and if you add gold to it..... Well, just go ahead and add gold to it.
we may just be using a lot of that in the wedding :)

Stolen from "Design Chic"
(I am making some of the pink ones today with gold dust)
Recipe tomorrow

Belles Bows via Etsy

 Alexis Bittar

David Yurman

Alexis Bittar

get ur pink on!

have a great day y'all!

1 comment:

  1. I agree. Pale pink is yummy. I think everyone looks good in it from baby girls to lovely ladies our age. It's so romantic and dreamy for weddings can't go wrong with pink. Love that coat and those lace shoes! Thanks for the eye candy.