Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Working With Resin!

Hey y'all!
What's up?
Well, I am stuck inside in Atlanta.
Hoping everyone else in Atlanta is doing the same and not trying to drive on 1/2" of ice.
Personally, I'm OVER winter.

Okay, so I've been putting of working with resin.
I know it's so popular right now and I don't know why I haven't tried it yet, I just wasn't sure it was the look for me.
However, when I saw so many pieces at Trinity Spotlight on Art that were done with resin, I decided to jump on board.
So, here is a little tutorial.

 First you need all the tools.  I chose to do two pieces that I had painted that had no texture on them.
You also need these materials:
1) a resin kit (you can find this at an art store)
2) two cups for mixing
3) plastic spoon or Popsicle stick
4) a playing card
5) mask
6) gloves
7) heat gun or a blow torch

mix equal parts of the resin mix.
stir well with spoon or stick
(the bubbles mean you are mixing it correctly)

 pour it back and forth between two cups to insure that it is mixed well.

now pour the mixture onto the surface

 taking the playing card, smooth out the resin until completely covered and smooth.  Some people let the resin drip off the side.  I decided to cover and smooth my sides with the resin.

Important!  Little bubbles will form on the surface.  Take your heat gun at about 6" away from the surface and use a sweeping motion over the surface to remove air bubbles.

Let it dry for 72 hours in an area free of dust or other flying objects.

This was fun!  Doubt this will be the last of my resin pieces!

Have a great day y'all.
Oh, and if you live in Atlanta, STAY HOME


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