Monday, February 3, 2014

Dipped Strawberries

I had a bit of a disastrous day yesterday in the kitchen.
I wanted to make some dipped strawberries.
Actually, I just wanted to "try" to make some dipped strawberries.

you know everything is a learning experience for me

First of all.  Just know this.  You cannot dye white chocolate.
After 2 attempts I decided to research this and found that to be the case.

If you are melting chocolate, any water based substance that gets in the chocolate will cause the chocolate to harden.
You can, however, add shortening.

So, here was my pathetic attempt!
I used a double boiler, but if you are confident in your melting skills you can microwave or use a slow cooker.  If you use a double boiler, the water needs to be barely touching the bottom of the top pan.  If any water gets in the chocolate, your doomed.

This is what I used.  I purchased all of these items at Michaels (except for the strawberries)

 melt the chocolate

 until creamy
 dip a clean, VERY DRY yummy strawberry
 and place on waxed paper
 add sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet
 this is where I screwed up...this is pink dye
 these are beautiful gold heart sprinkles
 Again, I melted my chocolate
 I added a teeny, tiny drop of dye
 and mixed.
I managed to get 3 strawberries (my 2nd attempt) before the chocolate hardened.

they were SO yummy though

to learn from an expert go here:

I doin a "do over" today.

have a great day y'all!


  1. At least they tasted good and the first ones are gorgeous. I can never make myself take the time to try to make something like this...I'm just a disaster in the kitchen!

  2. They look tasty! I like the embellishments. A few things I've learned from dipping berries: when I have used the candy melts and needed a specific color like pale pink, I melted pink melts with white melts instead of using gel coloring. Also, I've found the microwave to be the best for melting. Just use small increments of time and stir well in between each time in the microwave. For the strawberries, I rinse them and set them out to air dry on the counter for a good hour or two before dipping.