Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Sweet Flower Girl Headpiece!

Everyone loves them.
Including me.
Those sweet lil flower girls with the vintage headpiece.

I have looked and looked for these for Evers and Cate for the wedding.
The problem is you can either do fake flowers (ick) or fresh flowers (not practical)
so, this is what I decided to do.

I purchased some antique baby roses (blush color)
when they died, they dried beautifully.
So, I had the idea to make the headpieces myself out of the dried baby roses.
Here is what you need.
Round headpiece - Michaels or Hob Lob
Roses - dried
Inexpensive ribbon (for wrapping around the headpiece)
Double edged satin ribbon for the bow
Hot glue gun
 First, I sprayed the roses with a matte varnish to keep them from falling apart
Then I removed all of the loose petals

 then I took the (inexpensive) ribbon and covered the headpiece overlapping the ribbon
 then I just hot glued each rosebud around the top of the headpiece until completely covered

I then took the loose petals and glued them on to the side

and there ya have it!!

Simple and very quick.
These sell anywhere from 38.00 - 68.00 for the ones just like this!
My cost was about 10.00

have fun!

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