Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Artwork!!!

I told you that you wouldn't see the last of resin!!!
I'm going resin crazy!
So, now that Trinity Spotlight on Art is finished, (oh and thank you to all of my wonderful patrons who purchased art and Grace 11:11 bottles)
You are WONDERFUL!!!

anyway, now that SOA is finished, on to my next art show!
Holy Innocents School

"A Heart for the Arts"

This will be held Friday, February 21st at the Summerour Studios here in Atlanta.
for more information about this exciting event, go to:

I simply cannot wait to see this uber cool warehouse that has been restored here in Atlanta.
Totally industrial.  Perfect for events!

This is also such a cool event in that it's a fashion show/art show!
My favorite combination :)

Okay, here are some of my new pieces that will be available at this show.
Please contact me asap with information.

the resin pieces are sold in pairs only

"Peach and White"
12 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas, resin
275.00 EACH

"Grey and Ivory"
11 x 14 gallery wrapped canvas - resin
325.00 EACH

"Blue and Ivory"
12 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas - resin
275.00 EACH
I will also have two new dress paintings available!
30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

"The Dress"
30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
(I love this as a wedding gift for that special daughter.  She could enjoy it and then when she has a daughter, she can put it in her daughter's bedroom.  When that daughter grows up she can put it in her guest bed room)!  Perfect!

Again!  Contact me ASAP with interest!

have a wonderful day y'all!

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