Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bye, Bye, Mi (ouch) ami!

I can't walk.
It huts weally, weally baddddd.
Connie drug my and Cindy's sorry butts to Booty Camp yesterday.  Now, let me tell ya how beautiful the scenery was. (That was the ONLY good thing about this class)
I can't walk.
But this starts the first day of my weight loss challenge.
I'm serious folks, 20 lbs.  I'm doin it!
Connie, the fittest of fit also did 4 other classes yesterday.  (Cindy and I got massages)
I'm sorry, but I wanna take it slow here!
That's what W did and he did it!!! 40 lbs later!
In the meantime.....bye bye Miami!
I'm gonna miss this place
and this...
 and the beds, oh my were they comfy!
 and good friends
If you get the chance, go to the Ranch.
It was SO wonderful!
bye bye y'all!
have a great Sunday!

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