Saturday, February 26, 2011

Martha Foose and a Solo Show

I've told you guys about my friend "Chef Extraordinaire" and author of the cookbook
"Screened Doors and Sweet Tea" haven't I?
WELL.....her newest cookbook (A Southerly Course) is out! AND I am SO pumped!
besides being SO pumped about her newest cookbook (and her being a good friend of mine....she's stinkin hilarious folks, I'm serious, you will ROLLONTHEFLOORLAUGHIN at this chick) I, me, myself and moi am joining together with her to do a SOLO SHOW for her first book signing!!!
I'm just about as excited as I can be.
Anyway, it is at Turnrow Books
in Greenwood, Mississippi

Turnrow Books is right across from the home of Viking? (yep THE VIKING) as in stoves and other wonderful products.
If you've never been to Greenwood, now's the time.  A beautiful quaint little town, also home to the filming of "The Help" which I believe will be out in the fall.
here are a few of the 30 + pieces that I'll be showing!
"Cloudy Day I"
24 x 24 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Cloudy Day II"
24 x 24 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Have a wonderful day on this beautiful Saturday y'all!
I'm hitting (um going to try to hit) that little white ball!


  1. Love your friend's cookbook cover. Very pretty! Also love your new pieces!

  2. Can't wait for Mawtha's new cookbooks and for you having show in my hometown,,,,Love your new paintings..

  3. Kendall....just a reminder that there are many like me who don't always respond....but I check your blog everyday because I know you have written something:) You are the ONLY one that writes almost EVERY single day:)) Thanks so much. I get inspired to do so much.....hahaha...but accomplish so little:)