Monday, February 28, 2011

"My Dad"

I love the emotion in this picture.  Proud great granddaddy.
Well, can you believe it?  Mom's been gone almost 3 months.  Next Monday will be the 3 month anniversary of her passing.
I realized that with all the talk about my mom and the struggles she went through that I've sort of left my dad out.  HE MATTERS!
He is a wonderful man, one that I want to talk about.
I grew up hearing an expression from him that constantly resonates in my ear.
"KENDALL,YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO" (and he's an English fanatic so he wouldn't like me ending that sentence with a preposition.)
BUT.... he meant it let me tell ya.  At 4 he and my mom had me swimming 25 yards on a swim team rooting me on the whole way.  At 5 he had me doing back handsprings on the balance beam. He put a softball in my hand at 6 and taught me to throw it and hit it...(along with 2 brothers who [whentheydidn'thaveanyoneelsetoplaywith] they chose me. Taught me to ride a unicycle at 10 (which I did in parades) yep, I was a clown.....still am.
He taught me to be tough. Swimming state, learning tennis at 12, No sissy's allowed in my family, and never listened to whining.  Period.
Bought me a sewing machine at 12 and mom taught me to use it.  They were determined that even though I couldn't find out which direction "I" wanted to be lead, I would have many choices!
My dad is a wonderful man, a fantastic stock broker (who still works at the ripe young age of 76 77 (I think). (don't kill me for that dad!)
Takes wonderful care of his clients.
I want to encourage you to give him a call and let him work with you on your portfolio.  I promise you won't be disappointed!  He's awesome and has done some amazing work for his clients! Let him tell you about it and lead you into prosperous directions!
Jack Callaway


(and an Auburn grad for all my Auburn fans)
He would love to hear from you!!!
have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. What a wonderful blog Kendall!!! Believe me I know about the "English" thing!!!