Wednesday, February 16, 2011


APRIL 28 - 30
What is this you ask?
It is a wonderful, wonderful art show of which I am SO proud to be a part!
It is at Wesleyan School, in Norcross, Georgia.
(like Trinity, You should go just to see the school)
It's simply amazing
here are some new peices that I'll be showing.  I am currently painting new works specifically for the show!
Let me also mention that I have the honor of being chosen "Featured Artist" for this event!
Thank you Wesleyan!
Here we go!
a diptych
36 x 36 (total size) on 3" gallery wrapped canvas
(will sell separately)
18 x 36 separate
800.00 each
 "Birds on the Lake"
30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Old Rugged Cross"
a donation
(commissions available)
15 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Lake Trees II"
18 x 24 mixed media (heavily textured) on blocked wood panel
"Red Tree Tops"
18 x 18 mixed media on blocked wood panel
"Green Tree Tops II"
18 x 18 Mixed media on blocked wood panel
Go to
for more info!
have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. Is it crazy that this is the event where I first met you?! That seems so long ago! Maybe me and Greg should make another GA trip to visit :)

  2. Oh my goodness...I'm not sure if you read my follow up comment on my blog so I wanted to be sure to tell you that I am such a fan of your work!! It is absolutely stunning! As soon as I am able, I will be purchasing one of them! I've heard from so many people about your paintings, but Erin was the first, and I adore her! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog-I was so flattered to have that coming from you! :)