Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Remember that Break I Needed?"

Well, it's here!!!! Yippee yi oh! (is that how to spell that?), I'm SO happy I'm about ta bust!
Oh, and before I go any further, let me clarify something about yesterday's blog....
It was Number 1.
OKAYYY moving right along.
I'm on a girl's trip.
Missing one. (boo hoo)
This one.  Who was with us last year but had an urgent family obligation.  Still so sad that my E can't be here.  She may be able to join us for the 2nd part of the trip, but for now, I'm just praying that her obligation goes well.  Please join me in those prayers.
We are on "Moby's Deck" I know, I know (the dinghy is "Moby's Lil Deck")
named after our sweet little dog Moby
God rest his soul.
 doing a lot of this (that's relaxing by the way)
and having a few too many libations...(headache this a.m.)
playing with my friends

under the supervision of our wonderful Captain Pete!
taking many pics!
 heading here

enjoying the lights of South Beach
 consuming a little "Joe's Stone Crab" takeout! (OH YUMMERS)
 enjoying life with good friends!
have a wonderful Thursday y'all!
Partly cloudy and 81:) then the rain comes in :(
OH, we've decided Fisher is bo-ring and are gonna head over to South Beach for the night!

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