Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Cherry Tuesday Y'all!

Okay, I know.  This blog shoulda been BEFORE V-day.  Sorry, I was late.
The only thing "W" really likes as a sweet treat are chocolate covered cherries.
(I'm gagging in the background)
I really can't stand chocolate covered cherries.
I bet if I tried them though I would like them!
  Actually, I'm not a big sweet fan....thankfully.
Anyway, I planned a little surprise for him yesterday and tried my hands at making them homemade!
Here's the outcome-
okay, these things were not the easiest things I've ever made but according to "W"....well his response was yumm, yummmmmmm, yummmmmmmmmmm!
He ate the whole plate full!
So here's what cha need:
 dry those little babies off on a paper towel
 in a medium bowl mix together 3 tablespoons Karo syrup with 3 tablespoons softened butter
 Mix on medium speed until blended well
 now stir in 2 cups of sifted flour
 I thought this looked beautiful!
 Kneed it together until a soft ball forms
 like this!
 take your dry cherries in your darling "cherry bowl" that your daughter Callen gave you for Christmas
 spread the mixture all over the cherries! (if it gets too soft stick it in the fridge for a while)
 now melt your chocolate in a double boiler
 swirl the cherry all around by the stem!
 and place on wax paper
There ya have it folks!
Chocolate covered cherries!
I'll give it an "A" for effort
an "C" for time spent
and an "A++" for yumminess! (Although "W" said "they taste just like the Whitman's in the box:()
Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!

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  1. I love,love,love chocolate covered cherries!!! They look delish..... love, Aunt E