Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-DAY Y'all and I'm still in "OUCH" mode.

if I had a dime for every time we said that yesterday I'd be filthy rich.
First of all, I feel terrible.
Not only is my body aching like none other......
I feel like I have stuck myself out there in a few of my last blogs to look like a bragging spoiled brat.  I made fun of some folks on the beach that were overweight and I just feel like a total brag-a-holic.
Shame on me. (I deleted those blogs)
I'm really sorry to my readers for sounding like that.  I've beaten myself up and I promise not to act like that anymore!  What WAS I thinking?????
In my defense.  My luxurious little trip was "on the house".  At least the Canyon Ranch part was.
This is why.  Sweet E brought me to CR last year as a wonderful little gifty surprise.  As we were leaving, I tripped over a curb that was [the same color as the street] [and still is by the way] and I fell really hard messing up my knee and both wrists pretty bad. (and... I will admit I was REALLY embarrassed)  An accident report was filed.  Well, I didn't hear ANYTHING at all from them.  Now, this was a pretty bad fall, y'all!  They could've at least checked on me, ya know?  Well, I got pretty mad.  I told them in very stern words (in other words if you don't paint that curb I'm gonna do something) that they needed to paint that curb that I tripped over.  Seriously, you couldn't tell the curb from the street! And I was worried that someone else would do the same thing and get really, really hurt.
Well, we fired off a letter saying they needed to at least contact me to see how I was doing.  So, they sent a very nice letter, with a two nights stay for two rooms.
"E" talked em in to the suite and another room, to the tune of about 6 K.  Yep.  So, Canyon Ranch, I forgive you. 
I am still however p----d that they didn't paint the curb.
I think I'll fire off another letter....
Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
Especially my sweet  "W" my kids, their significant sweethearts and my g-babies Evers and Lil B.
I love you all so very much.
"W" has this thing (that's why his nickname is "W") for Mr. Wonderful
This morning I got up at 4:45.
Yep, I'm an early bird.  I love to write really early.
Anyway, he knows my every move and puts cards everywhere I will look.  I found some sweethearts in the drawer where the sweet-n-low is for my coffee with a card.  I found a card in my computer.
We are going to enjoy our day together. We are going to go work out together then... (I'm going to paint and he's going to work)
and then we are going to a wonderful little restaurant out here at the lake.
Now.....the weight loss challenge.
I am challenging myself publicly for all to join with me to lose weight.  It's gone on wayyyyyy to long now and I need to loose 20 lbs.
After seeing how many overweight people (including myself) there were on the beach I realized how much I wanted to be healthy looking again.  How did I let myself gain 20 lbs?
By sitting on the computer, not exercising and not eating correctly.
I've been riding the bike for 45 min. for 3 weeks now and have only lost a couple of pounds so I know this ain't gonna be easy folks.  But, I want to challenge you to join me in my endeavor.  I can do this and SO can you!!!! 
Let's do it together!
I'm walking today for 45 minutes and will do at at a 10% incline (if I can) for most of the way.
Come on and join me!
We will take it slowwwww and do it right.
Now....I wanna leave you with a few pics from yesterday (we walked about two miles before we left Miami yesterday).  Thank you Cindy and Connie for such an enjoyable trip!
and "E" I'm still missin you (and thank you for arranging that suite!!!)!
Happy Valentines Day y'all!
the colors at Canyon Ranch....I LOVE this combination

 for all the Tri Delts out there!

 I'm gonna miss you Canyon Ranch!
See ya next year!

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  1. I am glad to hear that you removed the pics and I think that many of us accept your apology. I believe that we have to always remember to respect and accept differences between different groups of people whether they are heavy, mentally ill, homeless, or poor. Some of us have been lucky in general and many not.