Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Lil B" and more!

Be still my red head/blue eyed lovin heart.
Okay....WOW ! I missed a day of blogging!  A record for me (I think)
I'm in B'ham giving my sweet daughter and hub a much needed break.
All you CPA's out there probably understand how trying a time it is at this time of the year.  Not just for you but for your whole family. Those 85 hr. weeks have got to take a toll on you.
Anyway, I jumped in the car and "Gigi to the rescue!" Sorta.  I had a little help from lots of family.
I have had a wonderful little visit with all of my family this weekend.  Friday I got to have dinner with my sweet brother and his wife Jack and Mary (Jack won't let me put pics of him up) and Sister along with J and E and the kids.
One in particular:
 and of course had to bring her a little goody.  Are these not the cutest things ever????
"Aunt Shim" aka...Sister got some Lil B lovin. (okay, she's the professional photographer - seriously and I'm always taking the pics of HER!) with my gbabies! Classic happy Lil B
 waiting in anticipation for that NY Pizza (oh yummers)
 he has wonderful concentration....okay, moving right along
 "um are you going to change me?????"
 I got to spend some quality time with another wonderful man in my life!
I love you daddy!
and then lunch with my other sweetheart Callimo

and finally a little dinner with this darling little [engaged] couple
Wedding date?  Oct. 8
 and then the date! Massages, dinner and ice cream.  What more can you ask for?
what a wonderful weekend packed full of fun with my fam!
have a fabulous Sunday y'all!
I'm headin home to get some much needed painting done!

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