Monday, September 5, 2011

Before and Afters!

Hellllllooooooo!  Is anybody still out there?
I've been a little busy bee and haven't had time to blog until now.
I'm finally home after a hectic week helping oldest daughter move into her fabulous new home.
I wanted to take before and after pics of it, but I'm going to leave that for her blog....and since they are doing a fair amount of renovating it's going to be really fun seeing it all take place.
So, I'll just show you the before and after of our condo "redo" that we just did.
(oh and by the way, all three of my kids said I have the WORST GRAMMAR EVER.
Hey, like I said, I type like I talk.  If there's an error or two in that, so be it.  I'm not discriminating against anyone. (I don't think)
Moving on....
Before condo "redo" OMG yuck...

Around 1,200.00 later, now this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I walk in the room.

the dining room: what a mess

after the cleanup (does anyone want this rooster and chicken?) I'm serious.

and the finished product (almost)  That ceiling fan has GOTTOGO!!! period. GAG

Have a wonderful Labor Day y'all!
I'm gonna paint!

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