Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camping Out in the Desert!!

Okay, I have done 4 things, no 5 things that I've never done before, wait no 6 things, wait, I don't know how many things I've never done before I came on this wonderful trip!
I've snorkeled in the South Pacific Ocean, I've ridden a camel, I've flown in a helicopter,
I've seen most of Australia, I've seen and touched a koala bear and held a kangaroo, I've ridden on a yolo board (and fell off and busted my butt) and if that's not enough hiked almost all around Ayers Rock 5 1/2 miles then went to a campground, ate campground food, and slept in a swag under the stars.
I felt my testosterone growing rapidly....
I had reached manhood.
Now, I am sitting in a VERY comfy bed back in Sydney awaiting the last leg of our trip.
New Zealand.
Unfortunately a dingo ate my battery to my camera and it is flat dead. 
Really? How stupid was I to not bring a battery charger? I will steal Michael's pics and post them tomorrow. Which will actually be Father's Day and I will not be there for my sweet father.
Dad, if you're reading,,,,I love you!
We will be in New Zealand and back to the States just in time for me to get rid of my Australian accent that I've picked up over here!
I'm missin these two really bad bout now
Gooday mates!

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  1. What a trip...know you have had the BEST time, but I can't imagine you going that long without seeing those sweet faces....know they are missing you too!!