Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Houston!!!

Last night was a special celebration!!!
Callen's beau Houston's birthday!
(however, it's not until June 29th)
We went to a place in Birmingham called Five.
It's a hip little restaurant in Five Points.
First, I had to take a shot of this!
 "W" and I were the oldest in this bar except for this lady at the end.  Not sure why I thought that was so funny! She was just hangin out!!!
 Houston got a special card!

 that came with special glasses!

 and special friends came!
 Unfortunately the restaurant messed up Houston's cake...
but we chose to make a joke out of it!
It was still yummers.
Have a wonderful Saturday y'all!


  1. fun times! But what happened to our picture? :(

    1. Ames! I'm so sorry! It was too blurry! :( (I was too close to y'all!) xo