Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Okay, E and I decided when we planned this trip that every day we would do something physical.
We got up yesterday morning which now is 2 days ago in the US.  Don't ask, it's complicated.
We all decided to go on bike rides down to Venice Beach and show Michael what his life [could] would be like if he chose the wrong path..... Or he could do this!!! These guys really were amazing!

I thought about going in to the Botox on the Beach....
Remember the Hollywood sign that I posted yesterday?
Well, we then decided to hire a driver to take us to the bottom of the mountains and hike all the way up up to it.
Our driver said "oh, it's about a quarter of a mile up there.

 this was the halfway point, those horses were lookin perty darn good by now
 It wasn't a straight shot up to the sign, curvy, steep dirt paths all the way up.  But, again, I didn't forget those pearls!!!
we were getting closer 
 this was a far as we went.  We didn't get to touch the sign but had a great 6 mile workout.
I just thought E looked funny carrying her Chanel handbag wearing a Captain America hat.  And we were on dusty dirt roads.  Had to snap a shot of it!!! 

 then we went to Rodeo drive baby!
 the road Pretty Woman walked up!

 E loves Johnny Depp
and then we got on the plane!
Now I'm sitting here with Michael in Sydney waiting for our rooms to be ready.
It's June 6th here.  Weird huh?
have a great day y'all!!

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