Friday, June 8, 2012

OUCH and The Blue Mountains!

As I lie here in bed, (it's 3:43 Australian time) I can barely move.
I'm serious y'all, I can't remember the last time I have been so sore!
So, we got this wonderful driver to take us to The Blue Mountains which is about 2 hours from Sydney.
What a magnificent treat!  I'm about to overload you and my computer with pics, so get ready this is a looooooong blog.
If you go to Australia DONOT miss going to The Blue Mountains.  Simply stunning
We all decided, however, that overseas (as well as in the US) a quick 30 min. walk really means 3 hours.
 And that's how long it took for us to walk down and then up the rickety wood and moss covered stone steps.
DO not do this hike if 
1) you're scared of heights
2) you have bad knees we go!

 this is what we hiked down....and then back up
 Rock formation called The Three Sisters

 We couldn't figure out what kind of trees these were.  They looked like they had been spray painted white.

the rock steps

 we were about 1/4 of the way down
what we walked down

 wearing the perfect hiking shoes.....

 the rock formations were amazing!

 about 1/2 way there!

 I just love this kid to death!!!
 we finally made it to the waterfall!

 we were finally done!!! this is what we hiked down and across.
 VERY scarey but we chose to take the incline railway back up.  It was SOOOO cool!!!

 About an hour from The Blue Mountains is an animal sanctuary.  We had to go see what it was about!!
Great call by our wonderful driver
 I am serious y'all, this is as far as I could bend down to pet this darling kangaroo!

 aren't they adorable!!! and so friendly!

 I think this little baby thought E was it's mother, she was looking around for a pouch!
 It quickly found the correct pouch!

 on to the koala bears
 they were SO adorable!  I couldn't quit clickin away!

 back to the kangaroos!
 they were everywhere!

 can't remember what this is but I know it's a mixture of a koala bear and a pig (at least that's what I overheard)

 a white peacock

 the Tasmanian Devil
 Taz eating.  You don't want to get near that thing

and finally...this lil fella loved Michael!!!

Today? Flying over to Cairns and going to the outback...and the Great Barrier Reef!!! 
Have a great day y'all!!!

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