Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's See....

Yesterday we got up and decided we needed to get ourselves organized and start planning the rest of the trip.
Australia is a huge country (it is also considered to be a continent)
Fact for the day!
Anyway, we decided to do the ole tourist stuff for the day.
 We took a Ferry ride over to an island so we could see the sights from the water and turned around and came back
 Albeit a little windy and chilly, the weather was spectacular!!! (it looks like we superimposed Michael in this pic dudn't it!!)
 The Opera House
that Michael is as amazing as his mom.  I've decided he's my second son.  He is SOMUCHFUN y'all!
I mean I have learned more facts in 3 days than I've ever known in my whole life!!! He is brilliant!
lovin life!!!
we were having serious issues with our hair... 
 another view of the Opera House
 we caught a beautiful sunset too!
So we went down to the harbour to get a bit of food and there was this awesome street performers! 
 he put his whole body in the head of a tennis raquet

 then he wrapped himself in chains and got out!  He really was an amazing performer
 everything was lit up like a huge party.  This is a vacation weekend (not sure what vaca) but  it is a very festive atmosphere!
be still my dog lovin heart
and yes I am, my hairdresser will tell you so!
a driver is picking us up at 8 a.m. and taking us to see something called the Blue Mountains and then to a sheep farm. We are going to get to see the sheep being sheered and how they make the fur into wool. This is going to be so much fun!!
have a great day y'all!

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