Monday, June 4, 2012

A Fun-ny Day

Two blondes, one smart (very) and one just taggin along (pretty much a dumb blonde).  Then one brilliant 13 yr. old.
So, E rented a car yesterday for us to see the Great Sequoias.
Enter Concierge.
Sent us to a park about an hour away
only to find these!

 beautiful mind you!, but not exactly what we were looking for.
 but we got a great hike out of it!  We really didn't have on the proper gear! AT ALL! We then decided to eat at......OUTback!!! Getting ready for the 2nd part of our trip!!
So, I went in the bathroom, prayed that no one would come in and disturb me sticking my feet in the sink to wash them off.  I looked at myself and realized I was wearing my pearls! I had to crack up laughing at myself wondering what the other hikers were thinking about us on our 3 mile hike.
Seriously pearls?
 So, we decided to go to Hollywood. This was someone famous' house, I just know it, so I took a pic
 plus I loved it.
We were in total tourist mode.  Only things missing were the calf high socks and waist packs

Since I've met him (another blog) this was my favorite star

this is the closest I will get to having one of these!!!
then, we decided to get a limo for an hour and have them take us on a tourist trip, you know, the Hollywood sign, stars homes, the whole package.
Well.....E payed the guy and he  told us it would be 5 minutes.  30 min. later the limo was not there.
About 45 min. waiting we were all ready to get the money back and go on our on tour.  Plus it was 7 o'clock!  The guy did not want to give E her money back!!!
I thought there was going to be a brawl right there.  The guy started yelling at E like I've never seen a man yell at a woman.  I stood there with my mouth open!  E gave it right back to him!!!  I loved it!!!  
She won. She got her money back.
but, if you're in Hollywood, I would think twice about taking one of those tours.  Especially a limo.
 did you know that Hollywood was once named Hollywoodland? Yep!
 These were lookin really good!
 We drove around until we found the Hollywood sign!
can you see it?
Today?  I think we're gonna bike over to Venice Beach and see some really good stuff!
Then tonight?  Leaving for Aussie!
Have a great day y'all!


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  1. A trip of a lifetime indeed. Spending a few days in LA is definitely the way to do it so you'll be rested before the next leg. Not sure I can fly that far, so I'm going to live vicariously through you - post it all!!!!