Sunday, June 3, 2012


We're here!!! Staying for 2 days in LA at a FAB hotel looking over one of the harbors of LA.
the 4 1/2 hr. trip was worth it!
this young man is the smartest and sweetest kid I know.
I told him he should apply for Jepordy (see I don't even know how to spell it!)
He filled my head with all kinds of trivia!!!
"E" is camera shy but I can catch her every now and then.  We got in a good 2 movies on the trip
overlooking the harbor
 Had a wonderful dinner here last night
 Did someone stick a stupid stamp on my head yesterday?  Don't ever wear shoes like this through an airport.  E stands at 5'9" so I was determined to be as tall as she is.
Today?  Back to my Dr. Scholls.
We will be here for 2 days then on to Aussie
Can't wait for our adventures today.  AND, I am completely rested!
Leaving behind this fun group at our house!!!
and I ordered a yummmmmmmy room service this a.m.
(don't hate me cause I'm adding lbs. to my body)

Today?  The Sequoia Trees, and I've got a suggestion that I'm going to make when E wakes up!!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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