Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Outback!

And I don't mean the steakhouse!  We jumped on our plane early yesterday morning and arrived at Ayers Rock about 9:45 a.m.
What is Ayers Rock?  It is one of Australia's most recognizable natural landmarks.
We had an action packed day!!!
First we took a helicopter ride!

 over Ayers Rock! Isn't it beautiful?
 then we went on a camel ride!
I think this was my favorite thing to do!!!  It was SO much fun!

 my camel was flirting with E!

 our guide was hilarious!

 I am in love with these creatures!

 then we watched an Aborigines dance

 they taught a few of us how to dance like and ostrich!

 and Michael was the prop for the Lost Boy dance

 then of all things I ran into Joy Dawson who I have played tennis against back in Atlanta!
Can you believe that???
 On to a dinner called The Sound of Silence

It was an amazing day!
Hope you have one too!
Tonight? Camping out in the Outback!

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  1. Kendall...Your blogs are amazing! Thank you for the ability to let Grandmother follow her babies on your adventure!. Oh, and you crack me up with the ever present pearls! Love from Watercolor....Helen