Friday, June 1, 2012

A Nice Little Surprise!!!

I leave for Australia in exactly 35 hours and 12 minutes to be exact.
E had a little surprise up her sleeve!!
We are stopping in LA for 2 days to break the trip up!!!
(last time I was there I tried out for Wheel of Fortune)
I lost :(
in LA we will
see these!  I have always wanted to see the beautiful Sequoia trees!!!
how exciting this trip is going to be!!!
Sydney, trains, jeep rides and to finish it off a wonderful trip to the Great Barrier Reef at a FAB hotel.
We are both struggling on the packing issue since we will be in two different climates.
Action packed 3 weeks and I can't get there soon enough.
How do you tell your best friend thank you enough?
I really can't find the words.
I told her I'd be painting paintings for her for the rest of her life!!!
I will blog EVERY day because I want to remember every little bit of this wonderful gift!!!
have a great day y'all!

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