Friday, January 21, 2011

Being a Grandmother is the Best EVER!

I think all you grandmas out there would agree with me on that!
I love every cotton pickin minute of it!
Gosh why didn't I have them first?????

Guess what?  I get both of them next week!  Oh, Gigi is SOOOO excited.
Check this out.  I was looking at my pics last night and just find this so amazing 
 3 -D of Eveyln in utero at 7 months
at 1 year
at 18 months
at 2
My precious sweetheart
I'll show you my favorite lil man "Lil B" tomorrow!

anyway....since I'm the grandmother and it's my right to BUY WHATEVER I WANT FOR THEM, I decided to do a little Spring internet shopping.....
I want to show you what I found
First....I've got a beef.  I wish some of my favorite sites would let me insert larger pics.  Unfortunately they don't give you anything but a slightly blurred pic.  So,,,,,sorry!
First favorite internet site:
Mini Boden
I love their adult clothes too!
Here we go!

every gal needs some cute pjs.

and a cute little cover-up
to go with her cute little swimsuit

lovin these little boat shoes (Moby's Deck will be so proud)

 and then there's Garnettt Hill (another fave adult shop)
I have to admit,,,,as much as I love these, they would be a breeze to make.
on to Saks.

(like Grandmother, like mom, like aunt, like grandaughter)
we all got these for Christmas....and I LOVE THEM!!!
and to go with the boots
not sure where this came from....let's just say I googled kid's yellow raincoat

 I want her to have a pair of authentic "duck shoes" but can't find them...suggestions?
we may get a little crazy and get her another pair of Hunters....
in silver?  hum.

 but will probably stick to the staples....
a simple Burberry trench coat....
Oh be still my Florence Eisman lovin heart
My kids wore her work and I still LOVE the simplicity of her designs.

 and finally,,,,these are SO me....hum

go do a little shopping for your g-baby today!
Have a great day y'all!
oh,,,,Jordan, does she wear a 2 or a 3????


  1. Why don't you paint a pair of the Hunter boots to make them unique? They certainly would be if you did!