Monday, January 31, 2011

"I'm Feeling Naughtycal"

Getting ready for the beach and the boat...
Counting down the days (9 to be exact)
Going shopping TODAY and I'm about to bust.
I'm feeling a little "Naughtycal"
in honour of my upcoming trip.
So, first I have to research....on line.
Now....I'm not sure if nautical is in this year or not,,,,but ya know,,,I don't really care, it's what I want, and remember (I'm over 50) and I can wear what I want.  Don't forget THAT you 50 sompthins.
Anyway, I found some REALLY cute stuff
Starting with non other than Anthropologie
 I love, love, love this top
 and this one is SO me. period.
 I want this in every color.

 not sure bout (how these would look on a fat butt)  but they look comfy
 On to Tory Burch.  Okay, I have this bag, my daughter has this bag.  It is the best bag EVER.
I'm SO glad they brought it out in this color. Isn't it darling?
AND it has wonderful side pockets for easy cell phone access and car keys
just can't decide which color I like best!
be still my Valentino lovin heart. (a little too dressy for the boat?)
 very cutsey
 Tory Burch
 Tory again...I think I love these. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have a pair very similar.  Wait, no I don't
 Oh, this is adorable

 Must have.....must, must have
 would this make my butt look big bigger?
 cute and flirty
 and Neimans again
 and again
 I've always wanted these Burberry boat shoes.  Love em
 when going on a girls trip, you must have cute pjs.!
 now.... when going on a boat, you must have boat shoes!
and finally.....if you have an extra 1,600 lying around, I'm lovin this Chloe handbag
isn't it adorable?
Happy shopping y'all
oh.....Spotlight on Art Update.
OMG....You would not believe some of the wonderful art guys.
I'm serious. Some really, really fabulous work
Starts tonight and goes on until Saturday.
It is a "must go"!!!
Starts at 6 tonight.
See ya there!!!
Have a wondamus Monday.


  1. I'm on a little weightloss journey due to high cholestrol & I would like all of these! :)

  2. Love it all!!! I`ll take one of each...I wish!!! Love ya & good luck at art show which I know you will do great!!!<3

  3. Good grief!! I just want your recipe for being up and writing and shopping online at 5:30 am!!! I like to be up in the a.m. but I"m not moving as fast as you are. You've probably whipped up some fabulous recipe as I am writing this!! :)) Happy shopping! I first must get back to exercising so I can at least wear what I had LAST YEAR:))