Monday, January 10, 2011

"Taking Comfort"

"Take comfort that those who surround you and love you will wrap you in their arms and keep your heart warm in your time of need"
Author?  me
I guess.  Unless I'm plagiarizing
I just thought of that this morning after reflecting on yesterday's events.  
The many friends and family who came to say their last respects to my mom.
What a beautiful service it was and how beautiful she was.
We lined the casket with her handmade clothes and tucked the wooden cross that my father made into her hand.
She was wearing her "angel gown"
She is at peace.
And I took comfort.  My friends and family gathered around me as I made the difficult but gratifying choice to speak.
It's amazing how you need your friends and family during such difficult times,,,how you welcome them with open arms, even the most independant people become vulnerable. At the end of the service my youngest Callen and niece Ally sang the MOST beautiful version of "Amazing Grace" I'd ever heard.
We had a little impromptu photo session yesterday before the service.
I want to thank my sweet Cindy for coming and slaving over a grill in the freezing cold weather to provide us with some wonderful tenderloins. My mom's favorite meal!  We all gathered together on Saturday and ate to our hearts content.  I sent Cindy home early before the funeral because the weather here in the South has turned quite treacherous. 
 I promise I didn't wear the duck shoes. (but don't they look cute????)
"W" was comforted by his lil man
 then both of his faves.
 oh the love!
 and then I got a lil "E" lovin
 Um,,,,,we barely made it home last night.  Serious folks,,,,,it was extremely dangerous to say the least.
As a matter of fact,,,,I almost didn't recognize my home.

I do know I get to take down this...ugh. Back to life as I know it!
Anywhoo. I'm good!  I'm happy,  I'm at peace and I am comforted knowing that I have many friends and family who will get me through the grieving process.
Thank you all for your love and support.
have a wonderful Monday y'all!


  1. I have to tell you that my favorite two words in the Bible are...."so that" and when it is time for me to depart this world I know that I died "so that" I could live forever- an everlasting life- a life in the presence of our maker - a life of perfection-
    I didnt make it online this weekend to check the updates sorry for lack of my comments but know that you are adored and prayed for by many. The days to come will be full of emotion- but I think the Lord takes those we love in efforts to have us long for Him- the void of an earthly mother can be filled with the love of our Heavenly Father. ((((hugs)))))

  2. Oh Kendall...seeing your Christmas tree still up, I just told Ken, that had we known that, we would have stopped and taken it all down for you on our way to NC!!!!! I'm so thankful your mom is at peace now and not in pain....that probably would have gone on and on. And so thankful you saw her at peace the last few days:))))) And.....I'm sure she will be with Becky AND Bill today cheering on those TIGERS!!!!!! hehehehe :)) I believe in heaven you cheer for everyone so they'll probably be cheering for the DUCKS too:)) Maybe you could share your mom's chocolate chip recipe with us...Ken just said Becky always said your mom made THE BEST!!!! :)))))

  3. Your statement lets me know God was close and there was answered prayer for I prayed almost those words. The second answered prayer was that you made it home safely because I knew what the weather was to be like yesterday. I am so thankful you have so many people to love on you and to stand in the gap of this process. I am sure that if you had even mentioned it, there would have been a long list of folks lining up to take down your tree! Take a breath and then go paint........ it will be theraputic.
    Saucer Sister

  4. No worries... Mine is still up, too...and I don't even have a good excuse like being in another state :)

    Thinking about you and your precious family. Hoping you're getting some rest and letting people take care of you because you are LOVED.